The family stayed the summer of 2007 in between dads Naval orders . Al (3) decided to bake Grandma a cake one morning. She found the baking ingredients in the cupboard and made the cake right on the kitchen floor. Using everything from cupboard even the food coloring and syrup; the red food coloring came oh so close to the dining room carpet. Across Grandma and Grandpas computers came an email with a picture of the cake ingredients spread out on the floor. When Al was shown the picture, she calmly exclaimed, “that’s Grandma’s cake” and to this day at age 6, she calmly proclaims, “that was Grandma’s cake,” when she sees the picture.


Al (4) drew pictures in preschool of her family. She included Grandpa and Grandma on the picture. The teacher went around the room asking the students who they drew pictures of; as the students named their family members, the teacher wrote the names on the picture. Grandma was just listed as Grandma but when they got to Grandma, his caption read “That’s Grandpa, he’s the best!

Christmas 2009 was rather difficult, Mom was expecting baby number 4 (Hunt) and Dad was deployed. Grandma answered the phone and it was Al crying out of control. I asked her what was wrong; she answered “I miss my Daddy, Grandma”. I tried to calm her down and told her that we would make cookies when they came to Grandma and Grandpa’s house for Christmas, “her favorite activity” She answered, “I want my Daddy home, I don’t want to make cookies”.


My Motto? Life’s better with Sauce In It! With grandchildren or cooking a recipe!

BELIEVE… Have Faith, Hope…