Create flavorful dishes!! Purchase  Sauce In It Recipe Book today! The cookbook is full of recipes with a foundation of sauces, recipes with sauce in it either homemade are purchased sauces; Italian, salsa, pizza, and Alfredo  which enhance the flavor and bring the recipe to a new level. Sauce In It Recipe Book also provided a tool  to share and save numerous humorous and touching grandchildren quips from our 5 grandchildren.

I have enjoyed cooking over the years but found that many recipes were just that, a recipe; they lacked flavor. I started adding sauces, sauce in it; plus a few other key ingredients and the recipe shot to a new level. Sharing dishes with friends; they have all remarked the flavor was incredible. By adding sauce in it  and 2 key spices the recipe shot to a new level!

The cover of the cookbook represents the true loves of my life; our two daughters/their husbands, five grandchildren, three grand cats/one grand dog, flower gardening, collecting heart rocks and my true stress reliever; riding my own motorcycle.

Life is full of sauce in it when there are 5 grandchildren in the same family so close to age, the girls being 1 year apart and the boys 2 years apart.  Collecting, writing and reading their quips is something that our entire family will enjoy for the rest of our lives and have grandma’s Sauce In It recipes long after I am gone.

The innocence or a child can never be replaced and is missed as they get older, Sauce in it Recipe book will hold the memories forever.